This Long-Range Forecast solution is a product of Weather Trends 360.


Weathertrends360 is a complete, global, web solution to help retailers and suppliers capitalize on the weather and its influence on sales and marketing plans up to a year ahead. Learn how to become PROACTIVE vs REACTIVE with the weather in every phase of your business - how much inventory to buy/produce, where to allocate more/less, when to run weather-optimized advertising/marketing campaigns - weathertrends360 can help you determine all of this in minutes! 84% Accuracy Independently audited accuracy for both short-term and year-ahead forecasts for temperature and precipitation.


A forecast Weather Trends issued one year ago is more accurate than every other weather company's 5 to 14-day forecasts.

The University of Miami and West Point PhD Climatologist's prove WTI's year-ahead forecasts are several times more accurate than NOAA - Click to Download Report.