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Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

We are now offering advertising opportunities and sponsorships on

We have specifically  designed our website to accommodate both our user-base while incorporating non-invasive, complimentary advertisements that will bring value to our site’s visitors and enhance their experience on our website. The design of our website allows for an individual home page sponsorship (sold month-month), and run-of-site standard sized banner advertisements. All advertisements link directly to your company’s website or landing page so that consumers in and around the New Jersey area can learn more about your products and services and contact you directly.

  So why Advertise on

  • We are the most popular independent weather reporting agency in New Jersey.
  • Our Website and Social Media is followed by Hundreds of Thousands of  People.
  • Due to the nature of our reporting, nearly all of our website visitors are NY/NJ/PA residents, so if you are interested in advertising in this market, we can help!
  • Our website design assures your advertisement is seen on every page. Whether it is on a breaking news article concerning a threatening hurricane shared to thousands, or on our static 10 Day Forecast Page – our website visitors will see your ad.
  • We offer competitive pricing options and real-time reporting statistics.

We are also considered “Hyperlocal” which has become the hot new term used to describe advertising which is targeted through a web publication towards a specific consumer audience, in a set geographic area. By using hyperlocal ads, your business can promote products and services to a distinct audience that is more likely to be interested in your product and service based on proximity and geographic location. Hyperlocal advertising also has a greater control over the target market viewing your advertising. This allows you to create custom ad messages appealing to this targeted audience compared to ads appealing to a larger audience. Hyperlocal advertising helps to convey a sense of similarity showing you and your customers share commonality, creating a relationship built on trust to help create repeat business.


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