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How to Weather NJ

How to Weather NJ

Mobile Application (Free) – Our mobile app is a one-stop shop for all things Weather NJ. You’ll get forecast articles (as they appear on the main web site but with limited ads – pushed to you via notification as soon as they are published), updates & alerts (as they appear on social media), current conditions and interactive radar.

Web (Free) – is a WordPress blog where all weather forecast articles are published. Static article products include weekly outlooks (published Sun Pm or Mon AM) and weekend outlooks (published Thurs PM or Friday AM). Static products are released year-round no matter how boring or active the weather is. Dynamic products include special forecast articles for travel safety impacting or high-stakes events (winter storms, tropical systems, nor’easters, thunderstorm outbreaks, etc.). Dynamic products are typically released daily leading up to the weather event. We start to issue snow maps around 2-3 days before a winter storm. You’ll see articles discussing snow possibilities before our snow map release period but they will typically just discuss general probabilities and possibilities. Additional web site products include interactive radar and links to our Special Event Forecasting and charity party organization efforts.

Social Media (Free)Our Facebook community is by far our largest however our Twitter and Instagram communities are no slouch. Weather NJ social media accounts are used as arms to blast web articles out, provide live storm thoughts, and sometimes personal aspects of JC’s life (charity events, baby pics, whatever).

Supporters (Paid) – Facebook offers a fan subscription service, called Subscriptions. This is not so much a Weather NJ service but more of a gratuitous expression of support (kind of like Patron). It costs 99 cents per month to show your support. In exchange you get a supporter badge next to your name on Facebook (when commenting on the public page), discounts to the Weather NJ Shop, entrance to the KABOOM Club (private FaceBook group), and a look at the snow map a few hours early on the day of release. Again at the end of the day Facebook Subscriptions is something you can do to show your support for my services.

My Pocket Meteorologist (Paid) – This is the absolute best way to obtain the most critical information as early as possible. Real forecasters like myself and EPAWA’s Bobby Martrich will text you daily forecasts and/or special alerts in-advance and surrounding high-stakes weather events. You’ll get run-by-run model analysis and discussion in real-time (hours before we even make our snow maps) via our premium forum. Given the size of both EPAWA and Weather NJ’s followings the premium forum is the only place where your weather question is guaranteed a timely response by us even in the middle of an approaching blizzard. When hundreds or even thousands of public comments are flying on social media we simply cannot keep up.

Weather NJ Shop (Paid)The Weather NJ Shop has your fan merch including hooded-sweat shirts, tee shirts and onesies.