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Jonathan Carr
By Jonathan Carr January 4, 2017 11:33

Sign up for My Pocket Meteorologist

In addition to the free public service that Weather NJ provides, MPM goes above and beyond. Eastern PA Weather Authority and Weather NJ have teamed up to bring you these addition premium MPM services…

Get Daily Forecasts

The daily forecast service is a fixed-release product and sends you a text notification every afternoon of the year for the next day. This daily forecast is hyper-local to your county and takes into consideration the different micro-climates within your county. Information includes but is not limited to high temperature, low temperature, sky conditions, wind speed and gust, snow/rain start/stop times and more…again for the next day.

Get Weather Alerts

The weather alerts service is a variable-release product and sends you a text notification anytime severe/wintry weather is expected. These weather alerts are hyper-local to your county and take into consideration the different micro-climates within you county. Example alerts include but are not limited to 2 days notice for thunderstorms, real-time lightning alerts, heavy rain, wind, fog, tropical systems and especially winter storms. For winter storms, alerts are send up to 5 days ahead with continuous 24-hour updates until the winter storm passes. For lighter snow events, alerts are sent up to 2-3 days ahead. This is the service that plowers have fallen in love with.

Join the Forum

The forum is not for everyone but it is mobile friendly and gets you VIP access to our forecast lab. It includes complex and in-depth meteorological discussion of model runs as they come out. It also includes early discussion about long-range weather patterns. What the forum DOES guarantee however is that questions are answered. EPAWA and Weather NJ have become way too large to address each IMBY (in my back yard) question on public comment threads. The MPM forum guarantees an answer to those questions. Now that thousands of MPM clients have signed up, interaction has no choice but to be prioritized for them. Therefore the forum is highly interactive, informative and educational. Another natural bonus of forum membership is that you get to see snow maps and major calls earlier than the public does. We’re not intentionally forcing a public delay however. We’re simply pulling back the curtain on our model run-to-run storm discussions used to compile our free public articles…and letting you ask whatever question your heart desires.


Keep in mind that most free weather apps/sites use automated forecasts which are often tied to a single model that updates 4 times per day. They capture the surface conditions of model output and update accordingly. The skilled human analysis behind My Pocket Meteorologist services allows a better degree of accuracy. Not perfect! But better.

Again, all existing free public services will remain free as they are. MPM simply goes above and beyond and is more catered towards business clientele and/or the weather freak who HAS to have the earliest possible information. You can sign up for any of the above services by clicking the button above. You can mix and match (bundle and save) or sign-up for individual services a la carte. The choice is yours. Have a great day and please be safe! JC




Jonathan Carr
By Jonathan Carr January 4, 2017 11:33

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