Haunted Carousel Rocks Asbury Park

Jonathan Carr
By November 1, 2018 21:43

Haunted Carousel Rocks Asbury Park

Photos by Scotty Hawk Photography

Over the past few months I had the pleasure of working with a very talented group of friends and family to make Haunted Carousel a reality. Our goal was to throw a Halloween costume dance party to directly benefit New Jersey families battling cancer diagnoses. Today I’m happy to announce that Haunted Carousel raised over $8,000 which have already been distributed to families navigating the hardships of cancer. With that said, the first thank you goes to Dani Corso, Executive Director for David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation, for getting the funds where needed so fast and for key event organization.

The next thank you goes to Brian DiSalvo, Founder of The Jack DiSalvo Foundation and also my cousin. Brian’s father, Jack DiSalvo, was an amazing man and uncle to me while still on this Earth.  My father and Jack were very close before they both passed. So for Brian and I, this was a very cool project to help execute. Our fathers would have been proud to see it! Brian made a significant donation towards Haunted Carousel and has some amazing connections at Asbury Park Boardwalk. Without such, Haunted Carousel would not have been possible.

Thank you to my beautiful wife, Jennifer Carr. She was responsible for most of the graphic ad-mats you saw widely-circulating throughout Monmouth County. Jennifer was also a key event organizer and like everything else she does, she nailed it!

Thank you Dan Mueller, Financial Advisor for New York Life, for sponsoring the event, organizing the sound and lighting equipment donations and securing the live DJ performances. In addition to being a key event organizer and sponsor, DANNER (pictured above) rocked the Haunted Carousel as a DJ from 9-10pm with a rad playlist.

Thank you to Chris Pio, Board Member of The Jack DiSalvo Foundation, for top-notch event marketing strategy and risk mitigation analysis.

Thank you Madison Marquette and Asbury Park Boardwalk, especially Chris Femiano, for the support leading up to and through the event.

Thank you Mike Walter and Chris Monaco of Elite Entertainment for the killer opening 80s set and lighting/sound equipment donation.

Thank you Riggi & Piros and RS |AM for headlining Haunted Carousel’s DJ lineup. Additionally thank you Partylord for closing out the night with our final DJ set.

Thank you B98.5 Radio for the donated radio promotion, on-air ticket giveaway and on-site judging of the costume contest.

Thank you Connor Morgan of 18 Mile Productions for letting us use the photobooth for costume contest entry and for the promotional video you saw above.

Thank you D Przygocki Photography and Scotty Hawk Photography for the donated event photography.

Thank you to all event volunteers including Jessika Morgan, Kyle Hoffman, Joe Billota, Jeff Ruemeli, Kathy Nowicki, John Nowicki, Deanna Nowicki and Mark Zuverink.

Thank you to all organizations who helped share and market Haunted Carousel. This includes Jersey Shore Hurricane News, Eastern PA Weather Authority, Blur Revision Media Design, Asbury Park Boardwalk, Asbury Park Press, The Coaster, 92.7 WOBM and Red Bank Pulse. I’m still shocked at the final Facebook event insights/analytics:

Haunted Carousel Final FB Stats

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to all who came out as guests of our party. Everyone had a blast and that makes us very happy!

As the above thank you list indicates there were many synchronized components required to make this happen. It all had to come together and it did! The event was a sellout. For one night, we transformed the Asbury Park Carousel House into the feel of an established and packed dance club. The carousel house and larger casino structure has almost 90 years of Jersey Shore history. Generations of memories you can almost feel when inside.  The French Beuax Arts architecture is timeless and I can’t wait to see what Madison Marquette has planned for it.  At one point, I remember seeing Madison Marquette staff, the Director of Asbury Park Boardwalk Operations, the manager of the Stone Pony, the Asbury Park Police, and the Fire Marshal all standing outside happily observing what we did with their historic and enchanted venue.  That made me feel pretty good inside. But not as good as playing a very small role in keeping the beacon of hope lit for David’s Dream and Believe Cancer Foundation. You have all helped change worlds. Once again, the BIGGEST THANK YOU POSSIBLE to all involved in Haunted Carousel’s success!!! Party-on and be safe! ♥ JC

Jonathan Carr
By November 1, 2018 21:43