Why You Should Use My Pocket Meteorologist

Jonathan Carr
By October 16, 2016 18:15

Why You Should Use My Pocket Meteorologist

The winter 2016-2017 season is just about to get started. With that said, there’s never been a better time to sign up for My Pocket Meteorologist!

Eastern PA Weather Authority (EPAWA) has teamed up with Weather NJ to provide some very special private weather services that go above and beyond what’s offered publicly. These services consist of hyper-local text notifications and access to our premium forum. Whether you’re getting texts from us about daily forecasts/severe weather alerts or interacting with us in the forum, you’re dealing with real meteorologists and forecasters which yields an advantage. Real people behind the scenes allow for comprehensive model analysis and live observations—something you don’t find with standard weather services that populate off a single model run 4 times per day. You’re getting the best possible analysis delivered to you when you need it most for actionable decision. Therefore, EPAWA and Weather NJ are proud to offer My Pocket Meteorologist services for the following clients…

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TriMet truck with snowplow and tire chains, 2008
Snow Plow Business

It goes without saying that having the best situational awareness before and during a snow storm is paramount for snow removal business success. This allows the local community to become drive-able as fast as possible with optimal profit. My Pocket Meteorologist is a slim fraction of the costs associated with normal business-level customized winter weather analysis. We have winter packages available that cover now until the last snow in spring. For these packages, you’ll want to choose the Winter Weather Alerts Service from our order page.

Any Outdoor Business

My Pocket Meteorologist yields a tremendous economical benefit to any business that relies on accurate weather forecasting. Just to name a few: Ski areas, water parks, amusement parks, outdoor events,  landscaping, hardscaping, decking, roofing, general outdoor contracting/construction, business travel, etc. For pennies on the dollar of what most other outlets charge for the services we provide, My Pocket Meteorologist is a no-brainer for your outdoor weather-dependent business.

Lajes Airmen medevac US Navy Sailor
Local Government & Emergency Services

Governments of local, county and state scope including, but not limited to, police, fire, EMS, OEM, school districts and actionable decision makers would highly-benefit from My Pocket Meteorologist services. Past and existing customers can attest to the reliability and accuracy of My Pocket Meteorologist. Let us help you make the best weather-related decisions possible by expanding upon the scope of current weather services available. Let us put that information right in the pockets of all actionable decision stakeholders.

Those Getting Ready/Dressed

Our daily forecast text notification service is your prime companion when strolling to the closet and figuring out what’s best to wear that day. This service includes rain/snow start and stop times, timing windows for when rain and snow are possible, high and low temperatures, threats for frosts and freezes (excellent for gardeners),  and wind speed, direction and maximum gust. For this service, you’ll want to choose the Daily Forecast service from our order page.

Insurance Safety Policy

Do you have a relative or friend (of any age) who requires special care? Perhaps they are disconnected from the world of social media and have a basic flip phone or jitterbug phone. My Pocket Meteorologist is a great service that can act as a safety insurance policy for those you care about when severe weather is approaching. The life-saving potential of a text-notification is very real. This includes damaging wind events (straight line or tornado), lightning, hail, or any other weather event that might bring harm to someone disconnected from social media and/or not paying attention to TV.  That makes My Pocket Meteorologist a great gift for that special cared-for someone. For this service, you’ll want to choose Weather Alerts Service from our order page.

The Weather Enthusiast

Are you like me? Do you obsess about weather and have to know everything out there being talked about, even in the extreme long range? Well, if so then you’ll enjoy our ad-free premium forum where we (EPAWA and Weather NJ) discuss the very thoughts used to make our free public articles (snow maps, tropical impact maps, severe weather maps, etc). This gives you the absolute first-to-know advantage regarding long range modeled threats materializing into real-time verification. For this service, you’ll want to choose Premium Weather Forum from our order page.

Those Who Simply Need to Know

For anyone else, My Pocket Meteorologist will benefit you if you simply just need to know the weather. Perhaps the premium forum is a little “too-complex” to follow along and you don’t care to take the time. In that case, we recommend choosing either the Daily Forecast Service and/or the Weather Alerts Service from our order page. Again, this gives you hyper-localized alerts delivered directly to your phone—at least once daily (for the next day forecast) and/or when weather conditions take a turn (in real-time).

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My Pocket Meteorologist Services

The Daily Forecast Service provides a single text notification every day (365 days a year) for your location containing a detailed forecast for the next day. This service includes:

  • Accurately depicts when rain/snow starts, stops, and narrow time windows of when showers and thunderstorms are possible
  • Includes high and low temperatures, and threats for frost and freeze—Excellent for gardeners!
  • Provides wind speed, direction and maximum gust
  • Is sent every day, 365 days a year

The Weather Alerts Service provides text notifications in-advance of any threatening severe weather. This includes the following:

  • Thunderstorms – Up to 2 days’ notice of strong/severe thunderstorms and real-time alerts for lightning
  • Heavy Rain – Up to 2 days’ notice of rain totaling over .50” within a 12 hour period
  • Wind – 1 day notice for wind gusts 40mph or greater
  • Dense Fog – 1 day notice of fog that will limit visibility under ¼ mile for more than 3 hours
  • Tropical Systems – Up to 8 days’ notice of any impact on your county
  • Winter Storms – Up to 5 days’ notice with continuous 24 hour updates until storm passes
  • Winter Storms – Up to 5 days’ notice with continuous 24 hour updates until storm passes
  • Light snow (less than 3″) – 2-3 days’ notice with continuous 24 hour updates until storm passes
  • Ice Road Conditions – Any threat of ice
  • Snow Consistency – Wet vs Fluffy

The Premium Forum (ad-free) is a joint forum that is managed and contributed to by Eastern PA Weather Authority and WeatherNJ meteorologists. No matter what the weather, we give you the most comprehensive in-depth advanced information that you won’t find anywhere else… for the area that you care about… and the local area that we specialize in. From analysis that you won’t find anywhere publicly, we explain the hows and whys of weather systems, how it may impact the region by individual area, and discuss with the members our interpretations of model guidance with impending storms affecting our region. As a member, you get:

  • Early access to Seasonal Outlook & Winter Snow Maps!
  • Frequent updates on all major weather systems affecting our region
  • Long range outlook updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • In-depth model analysis
  • Ask A Meteorologist
  • Short, Medium & Long Range weather discussions
  • Storm observations

The Winter Bundle

For those that ONLY want text alerts during the winter months, there is an option for a one-time payment that covers the entire Winter season, which automatically cancels on March 31st, or the last snowfall of the season if snow continues into April. Text alerts begin immediately from the time of sign-up, and are sent out for all alert criteria met in the Weather Alerts Service description above, not just for snow and ice. These text alerts will start immediately from the time of sign-up, and carry for the entire winter, with just one 1-time payment, and NO recurring charges. 

There are also bundle deals on our order page if you’re interested in saving money while ordering more than one My Pocket Meteorologist service.

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Lastly, a huge thank you to all who have helped EPAWA and Weather NJ grow into what we’ve become today. All services that were previously free to the public will remain available and unchanged. My Pocket Meteorologist Services simply go above and beyond—meeting the criteria for professional and passionate/obsessive weather forecasting needs. Have a great day and please be safe! JC

Jonathan Carr
By October 16, 2016 18:15