Winter Weather Alerts

Jonathan Carr
By December 13, 2016 16:14

Winter Weather Alerts

Stay on top of winter weather this season with My Pocket Meteorologist Winter Weather Alerts and Premium Forum brought to you by Eastern PA Weather Authority (EPAWA) and Weather NJ. For the fourth year, everyone from commuters to businesses that depend on the weather are benefiting from dependable forecasts delivered directly to their cellular devices from real meteorologists and forecasters—NOT an automated forecast app.

Below is a snapshot of both the counties we cover in RED and the 10 counties that we recently added in BLUE as of November 2nd, 2016:

My Pocket Meteorologist Coverage Map

Winter Weather Alert Service

Tailored for those who want early warnings for any significant weather system moving into their specific county during winter only, from November 1st through March 31st, or last snowfall. For a one-time charge of $24.99, the Winter Weather Alert option provides advanced notice of:

  • Winter Storms – Up to 5 days’ notice with continuous 24 hour updates until storm passes
  • Light snow (less than 3″) – 2-3 days’ notice with continuous 24 hour updates until storm passes
  • Heavy Rain – Up to 2 days’ notice of rain totaling over .50” within a 12 hour period
  • Ice Conditions – Any threat of ice
  • Snow Consistency – Wet vs. dry/powdery
  • Specific timing for your area, including start/end times, and changeover times to other forms of precip, if applicable
  • Wind – 1 day notice for wind gusts 40mph or greater

All that you need:  A cell phone that is capable of receiving text messages. This service is not for landline phones or email.

One-County My Pocket Meteorologist Winter Alerts
Two-County My Pocket Meteorologist Winter Alerts

These text alerts will start immediately from the time of sign-up, and carry for the entire winter, with just one 1-time payment, and NO recurring charges.  If you often commute across county borders for work, and would like to monitor two counties instead of just one for the Winter months only, select the second button above to order. Everything works the same as the one county alerts otherwise, all for just one payment of $34.99!

Premium Weather Forum

An interactive online discussion for weather enthusiasts who want in on all of the action, the Premium Forum hosts live updates, model analysis dialogue, long range forecast updates, early release of outlooks and snow maps before the public, Q&A with EPAWA/Weather NJ forecasters, and more.

Choose this package alone for $45.00, or add it to any EPAWA package for an additional $30.00. If you already have alerts, and would like to add it to your existing services, go to, sign into your account under “secure client login”, and select the premium forum add-on discounted to $30 at checkout.

My Pocket Meteorologist Premium Forum

Jonathan Carr
By December 13, 2016 16:14